How Dispatch Software Works

As technology continues to evolve, savvy commercial transporters will leverage the use of computers and other electronic devices to enhance their capabilities and productivity.


The use of whiteboards and hand written work orders and invoices have long been the standard for many transportation businesses. This is often a slow and tedious practice that is prone to frequent mistakes and leads to excessive administrative responsibilities.

Streamline Workflow

With the advancements in electronic technology, transportation companies are now able to completely re-vamp the traditional dispatching process with a simple desktop computer.

By converting to a digital transport management system, you can save valuable time and money through things like route optimization, in-cab printing of permits, and improved administrative functions.





“We had a successful Pilot and implementation, we are very happy with the results to date and the solution is doing everything we expected it would.”
Mark Olson, 6 Sigma Black Belt, Ohio CAT

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