...Quickly generate accurate quotes with built in quoting tools

Create and dispatch in 20 seconds!

Using built-in routing algorithims Transport Manager can generate reliable quotes based on pick-up and delivery locations. Transport Manager calculates the distance between pick-up and delivery locations along with the route’s highway miles, city miles, and expected speed limits for each.

It also accounts for the drive time, load and unload time, and hourly rates for the particular job. Instantly view this information from a pop-up screen, or create a full page quote which can be printed or delivered by e-mail.

From there you can convert your quotes to orders with a single click.

...Improve communication between driver and dispatcher

Give drivers the information they need

Transport Manager makes it easy for your dispatchers and drivers to stay in contact and update each other with the most current information. Devices installed with DSi Mobile Manager allow for two-way communication with dispatchers.

Mobile Manager’s features include:

  • Ability for dispatchers to send information or questions to drivers, who can respond with freeform text or pre-written responses.
  • Load Management allows drivers to set the satus of any load assigned to them, along with their own work status.
  • Some GPS units even allow the add-on functions of: turn-by-turn navigation, in-cab printing, and signature capture.

  • Transport Manager also provides a centralized system for multiple departments and locations within an organization to coordinate their efforts and boost the efficiency of operations. Every dispatcher can access order details and customer history, making your support efforts that much more useful.

    DSi Mobile Manager for Android
    Drivers can now access load data from Transport Manager directly on any Android device.

    ...Streamline your invoicing and billing procedures

    Integrates with popular accounting software

    With DSi Transport Manager you can effortlessly create invoices for customers and even customize your invoice forms.

    Transport Manager also integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting programs, such as PeachTree and Great Plains, to help consolidate all of your systems. Export invoices and payroll information to your accounting software to perform the seamless tasks of receiving customer payments and paying your drivers.



    For non-urgent matters, contact us by e-mail. We typically respond to inquiries within 24 hours on any given business day.


    Video Tutorials
    We also provide you with the tools you need to get knowledge on your own time. With our library of video tutorials, you can learn how to properly use our software by yourself!


    Live Chat
    We have a live chat feature built directly into this website which makes it convenient for our customers to get help with their problems whenever they need it!


    Contact us by phone during our business hours for an immediate response, or to get in touch with the proper representative.

    ...Determine driver’s routes and record driving data

    Reduce empty miles. Maximize profits.

    Transport Manager gives dispatchers the capability to map job sites and track truck location. With the mapping functionality a dispatcher can better establish the driver's route to their destination. A properly evaluated route means reduced empty miles, and faster delivery times.

    In addition, black boxes can be used to record truck location and other driving data. Once installed in a truck, the black boxes information integrates with Transport Manager and other DSi software to update estimation figures and provide dispatchers with valuable insight into driver activity.



    ...Instantly access information and build reports

    Keep data organized and available

    With DSi Transport Manager you have the ability to view a customizable dashboard which keeps everything organized and displays the daily workload of your organization. A dispatcher or supervisor can instantly check the status of any open order, or use the search functionality to bring up the details of past orders.

    Understand your costs and productivity by viewing auto-matically generated reports. With over eighty reports built in to Transport Manager, you can analyze: truck utilization; financials by truck, department or customer; and even collect and output data on driving accidents and unsafe driving.

    Transport Manager even preserves all of your information for you, such as: job locations, contact info, equipment details, and customer histories. Maintain a complete history of all dispatches and review past quotes and orders.

    Fully backed by our incredible support system

    Expect high quality service from DSi’s support team

    Great support is what makes us who we are. We support you whichever way is most convenient for you. Whether that be through Live Chat, over the phone, by e-mail, or even self education through the wonderful video tutorials we provide for you. Whichever way you choose to contact us, you can be sure you’ll get the assistance you need from helpful and friendly DSi representatives.

    In addition, with DSi you have access to a number of other useful products, services, and add-ons. We can help you get the most out of your resources. No matter what your operational needs are, DSi provides everything you need to run a thriving transportation business.



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