Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install?

A typical deployment will last 4 to 5 weeks starting with a business process analysis meeting and ending with a comprehensive training session with your staff. The actual installation and configuration of the software itself doesn’t take long, but we dedicate a lot of time to learning about your current and desired processes (from quoting to invoicing) so that we can properly configure and train your staff on the new system and make sure it performs as you expected.

How do I learn how to use Transport Manager?

Initial training can be done at your location, at our DSi office in Upland, CA or using web conference. Training sessions will be tailored to your business needs and the curriculum can be customized to span 1 to 4 days as needed.

You’re invited to take any of our training sessions to further learn new skills and get more out of your software. Our most popular class is the group Report Writing Class where you can learn how to create and schedule customized reports from Transport Manager.

Where is your technical support center located?

Our technical support center is located in the United States in the city of Upland, CA and is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable associates who are familiar with, not just our products, but the industry as a whole and the challenges you face daily.

They sit right next to our developers to further strengthen their support as needed.

My business is very specialized. Will your software handle my specific requirements?

Our software handles a variety of specialized situations for transportation however, we recognize that there is always the specialized of the specialized. For those customers, we can create custom integrations and forms, and consult on other needs.

Typically, customers do not require customized software development and are able to perform all the needed functions on DSi Transport Manager “out of the box.”

I’m a small business and I can’t afford to pay enterprise software prices. Can I still use Transport Manager?

Yes, you sure can! You can use Transport Manager using a laptop sitting your kitchen/office and then take that same laptop on the road with an air card and still manage your small team of drivers.

Our Small Business Package was created for this reason. Depending on your needs and available resources, we can help you use the same dispatching software that the big enterprises use at a price that makes sense for you.

My cousin/brother-inlaw/nephew is a programmer and says he can write some software to help me for cheap. What do you think?

We can’t ever say no to on-the-weekend-and-from-my-garage programmers because that is how Dispatching Solutions got started back in the 90s.

Ever since then, we’ve been developing on Transport Manager based on feedback we get from dispatchers and business owners. We’ve spent many days sitting in dispatch offices learning from real life situations and building features that help streamline the processes. Those hours have already been paid for so you can enjoy the fruits of those costs and leave the stress of investing time and money to a newly written program behind.

DSi Transport Manager has truly grown to be a specialized transportation management software masterpiece that meets a wide range of needs.

How often does the software get updated?

We release quarterly and issue a major release once a year. Depending on enhancements, bugs and new features, these updates may occur more frequently. Updates are scheduled according to your business and usually occur after-hours or over the weekend to minimize disruption of your workday.

Is my data secure?

Whether you use your own server or use our Hosted server, your data is secured using.

I work on the weekends. Do you?

Our office is staffed on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon to assist with any weekend support needs.

I’m getting audited. How do I pull XYZ report or show that we do XYZ for the auditor?

Our software records everything in databases so the data is available to be retrieved at will. We have helped numerous customers sail through tax, finance and HOS audits by easily being able to pull the information that auditors required.


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