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DSi Transport Manager

DSi Transportation Manager is a robust software package with a wide range of features developed to streamline the dispatching process.

The DSi team worked side-by-side with dispatchers to build a system that not only fits the workflow of a transportation company, but improves its operations. DSi Transport Manager® has the tools and functions to help a dispatcher shepherd an order from the initial call to the invoice being sent for payment.

Mapping functions help to optimize the driver’s route at the beginning of an order, and a quick single-screen entry system makes it easy to enter hours, mileage, and incidental expenses when the job is complete.


Dispatching Solutions Inc.

Dispatching Solutions was first incorporated to do just what our company’s name says: help transportation-related businesses fix their dispatching workflows.

In recent years we’ve adopted the shorter name–DSi–not because we have outgrown our dispatching roots, but because our team and our mission have expanded past simply getting trucks on the road.

DSi offers a suite of software solutions for field service, specialized transportation, order tracking & telematics, and more. In each of our products, we place an emphasis on streamlining operations, optimizing routine processes, and collecting information that helps you make better business decisions.

Our commitment to flexibility as an integrated services provider allows us to cater to small and midsize businesses, and also fulfill the needs of large dealer networks.

Customers who use our products benefit from more optimal fleet usage, better driver scheduling, and saved money through saved time. Some customers experience full ROI within 12 months of adopting DSi systems.

DSi is built on a team of dedicated professionals committed to creating a superior product and supporting it with superior customer service.

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